Demystifying RPA with Python - PyCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 11 November 2019

Speaker: Thu Ya Kyaw, Developer evangelist

I will talk about what is RPA, how it is being used in the industry, what are the benefits, and how Python can be used to do amazing RPA projects and it's free.

About the speaker:

I learned python back in polytechnic days. It was mainly for things like web scraping back then. Nowadays, everything can be written in Python; artificial intelligence, machine learning, backend services, you name it. I like Python for its simple syntax and coincidentally, I am a fan of automation. It saves time and efforts most of the time, in my opinion. As a machine learning engineer, I mostly use Python and automating tasks with Python is irresistible. For PyCon 2019, I would like to share my experience in automation, mainly RPA use cases, and also about a new Python RPA tool called TagUI.

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