Decentralised Cryptocurrency - Cherry G. Mathew- FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Saturday, 24 March 2018

Speaker: Cherry G. Mathew

The current excitement around Bitcoin as "decentralised crypto money" has left us in a state where some of the fundamental ideas behind it -namely anonymous p2p economic exchange, technoactivism to re-enfranchise people from the centralised control of fiat currencies and other ideas loosely referred to as "crypto anarchism" are being fast forgotten.

Not only has bitcoin (and its contemporaries) become defacto stores of perceived economic value rather than a medium for its exchange, of recent times a large-scale shift is taking place in the (computational) power balance which determines control over its network. This shift is concurrent with efforts to de-anonymise pseudonymous identities transacting on the public ledger and legally regulate (AKA Tax) cryptocurrency transactions.

Track: Blockchain
Room: Event Hall 2-1
Date: Saturday, 24th March, 2018

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