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Published on: Thursday, 5 April 2018

Speaker: Paul Lorett Amazona

In this session, we will be discussing our dockerized data tools for volunteers and a new workflow which we'll be using for the upcoming DataDive. We'll quickly revisit usage of existing docker images we already use: RStudio and Jupyter Notebooks (both Python and R). However, since we're also be supporting Jupyter Lab images moving forwards, we'll share more on that in this session.

Using docker will allow us to promote reproducibility of analysis among project team members and our partner organisations, regardless of our computing environments (Windows, Linux or MacOS).

If you're new to docker please watch the following videos:
- This will cover Docker basics and how to use Dockerized data tools.
- This will be for more advanced Docker users (or captains) to curate DataDive deliverables.

To save time during the session, please create an account in the play-with-docker platform:

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Recorded by: Raymond & Benji

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