Data Modeling for Couchbase by Clarence J M Tauro

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Couchbase Server is a multi-model database that natively manipulates data in key-value form or in JSON documents. Unlike relational databases which require strict predefined schema with tables and columns, Couchbase Server requires no predefined schema. Each JSON document represents its own schema and can specify its own set of attributes per document. This session is about how to Data Model Json Documents for Couchbase.

Clarence J M Tauro (Couchbase)
Clarence is a technology enthusiast at heart and educationist by passion with over 12 years of teaching and instructional design experience and works as a Senior Instructor for Couchbase Learning Services. He has been developing and architecting enterprise solutions with significant experience of 100+ trainings delivered on NoSQL technologies. He specializes in architecting, developing and managing distributed, NoSQL systems. Clarence has a Ph.D in Computer Science from Christ University, Bangalore