Community Engineering - iOS Conf SG 2020

Published on: Thursday, 30 January 2020

Speaker: Tamar Nachmany ,

When Tamar worked at Tumblr, she was always struck by the stories of Tumblr users falling in love. Tumblr is an interest-based social network, and most people on it begin as strangers. Building technology that allows people - strangers - to connect so deeply is a privilege. Apps are the infrastructure for many of our communities. And despite many people understandably losing faith in social media companies and their ability to handle their immense responsibility, new social networks are still being built and are growing in surprising ways. And they continue to deliver on something incredibly important to users - community. In this talk, she'll be sharing some of the lessons she has learned building social media iOS apps. She’ll focus on how engineers can build strong engineering foundations for new social networks and choose the right tools, discuss foundational product principles that help encourage users to share, create, and participate, and shout out some of my favorite unlikely social networks and what they can teach us about building inspiring iOS apps.

About the speaker

Tamar Nachmany is a senior engineer at Glossier, where she has worked in iOS and across the tech stack, and previously worked on the iOS teams at Tumblr and The New York Times. When she's not writing software she writes fiction. She is very excited to be in Singapore for the first time.

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