Code smells and refactoring - Singapore Java User Group

Published on: Thursday, 2 February 2017

Speaker: Stanly Lau


One of the main contributor to keeping business easy to respond to change is maintainable software. Like a garden without care, the nature of software development tends to decay code. The time spent reading the code to understand increases while writing code reduces and customers are paying for it. What can we do? This talk shares the impact of unmaintainable software and how to deal with it through the developer skill of code smells & refactoring.

Speaker Bio:
Stanly Lau is the main actor behind the awesome conference Agile Singapore and is one of the early founders of the Agile meetup in Singapore. He is a Software Development coach at odd-e, helping teams improve their code quality. He has a deep interest in helping developers to increase their competence in technical skills and has spent many years mentoring teams.
Stanly will be doing some a live refactoring demo on stage, starting from a poorly designed piece of code (with lots of code smells!) and improving it together with the audience.

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