Chaos Engineering Primer by Sergiu Bodiu

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Failure injection is somewhat analogous to a vaccine. We want to inject these bad behaviours so our developers can build immunities to them. Can we inject failure scenarios into deployed systems to reduce platform risk Demonstrations of the Simian Army, Chaos Lemur and tools will be presented. The talk will introduce the audience to chaos engineering and how distributed system fail. The talk will go over some failure scenarios and how we can build confidence in building resilient systems. Sergiu will go beyond reliability, stability and availability to help your platform operations team build a continuous process improvement program which will prepare your production systems for the unexpected. Even when all of the individual services in a distributed system are functioning properly, the interactions between those services can cause unpredictable outcomes. Unpredictable outcomes, compounded by rare but disruptive real-world events that affect production environments, make these distributed systems inherently chaotic.

Sergiu Bodiu (Pivotal)
Platform Architect for Asia Pacific & Japan @Pivotal, he is helping the region’s most strategic customers successfully implement technology, process and software architecture for cloud applications. Sergiu is a seasoned software engineer & architect, prior to Pivotal, he was building cash management platforms at JPMorgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.