Chaos engineering @ J.P. Morgan Chase - Garima Singh & Deepak Sarda

Published on: Tuesday, 17 September 2019

"Chaos engineering is a powerful practice that is changing how we design resilient software systems. With ever growing large scale distributed software systems, it is a game changing practice that many organizations have started to adopt. While the Chaos engineering community has flourished, there gaps & challenges remain for highly regulated industries like ours to be able to adopt this practice:
- Segregating chaos initiators & executors based on enterprise entitlement systems
- Ability to repeatedly run identical experiments across multiple environments
- Ability to observe & record the state of the system being disrupted
- Integration with enterprise resiliency data management systems
We’ll share the story of how we created Eris, a chaos engineering framework specifically designed to address these challenges. We'll share how we leveraged & contributed to open source tools such as chaostoolkit. Finally, we'll share how we built an internal community of passionate early adopters."