Building responsive CSS components - Talk.CSS #24 max-content Edition

Published on: Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Speaker: Zell Liew, @zellwk

Learning to build reusable components without adding complexity to your code is crucial when building websites in our age.

Have you wondered if it's possible to accomplish this feat in pure CSS without turning your code into a bloody hacky mess? How would you structure your code? How do you think about components? What about scaling? How do you deal with components that need to be placed in wildly different areas?

In this talk, Zell aims to share his experiences and approach to building responsive, reusable components. He even goes deep into design principles and how they can shape your CSS.

About the speaker:

Zell is a freelance developer who specializes in design and frontend-related stuff. He digs deep into them and writes everything he's learned on his blog. He also writes courses and books so other developers can benefit from everything he's learned from him banging his head on the wall. If you catch Zell drinking, watch out for his random giggles.

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