Building an Enterprise Grade Multi Account AWS Environment - AWS User Group Singapore

Published on: Saturday, 11 February 2023

Speaker: Badri Kesavan

A solid foundation must be built around AWS accounts, Networking, Security, Logs, Monitoring, etc to host a production grade cloud hosted application and to ultimately make it operational.
In the context of an enterprise AWS environment one will be creating tens and hundreds of AWS accounts to host the Cloud hosted applications. To manage that level of AWS accounts at scale a solid multi account management foundation must be put in place to ultimately run a production grade AWS application. The solid foundation includes creating a proper design for your multi account strategy and management solution to manage your multi AWS accounts, Identity and access management for managing the user access across multi AWS accounts, Managing network connectivity for your multi AWS accounts, Establishing security tooling for managing the multi AWS account vulnerability assessment & threat detection, Centralised logging solution for your multi AWS accounts, Performing backup and disaster recovery for your multi AWS accounts & Managing deployments for your multi AWS accounts.
In this talk, You will learn some practical implementation approach to establish solid multi account foundation to create an enterprise grade AWS environment.

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