BlueBorne: Beware of Bluetooth! - Huzaifa Sidhpurwala - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Sunday, 25 March 2018

Speaker: Huzaifa Sidhpurwala

In Sept. 2017, the Red Hat Product Security Team was notified of a security flaw affecting bluetooth stacks of Linux, Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. This was probably the first cross-platform security flaw of its kind. The impact was evident by the fact that the attacker did not even need to be paired to the victims device in order to exploit it. This talk briefly discusses the security flaw, the exploit mechanism and how such flaws can actually cause much more damage than what is initially evident.

Track: Cybersecurity
Room: Training room 2-2
Date: Sunday, 25th March, 2018

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