Behind the Scenes with Auto Layout - iOS Conf SG 2019

Published on: Sunday, 20 January 2019

Behind the Scenes with Auto Layout - How to Solve Constraints with the Cassowary Algorithm - iOS Conf SG 2019

Speaker: Agnes Vasarhelyi ,

Auto Layout is the most powerful tool on iOS today, to support developers in creating adaptive user interfaces on iOS. The power of this great technology lies in how simple its foundations are. The engineers behind Auto Layout at Apple started to reveal more of the internals of their technology recently, to help us understand its principles better, in order to get the best performance out of our layout code.Let’s look more closely at how the Auto Layout engine solves constraints through exploring the Cassowary algorithm, that’s running under the hood, turning constraints into linear equations, and solving them. By doing the math ourselves, we’ll have a better understanding of what layouts are easier, or more difficult to satisfy. What coding practices can help us achieve best Auto Layout performance.

About the Speaker

Agnes is a Hungarian iOS developer living in San Francisco, hard at work bringing the high tech revolution to the construction industry at PlanGrid. Occasional tech blogger and event organizer, preferably outside hiking the mountains of California in her free time.

Agnes has worked at several startups before PlanGrid, like Prezi, and Topology Eyewear, helping them build great user experiences. She’s all about Auto Layout, and lldb these days, or whatever comes her way worth diving deep into. 🤓

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