BBC micro:bit - Next generation teaching tools - FOSSASIA 2016

Published on: Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speaker: David Crellin (ScienceScope Ltd)

Talk of 20 minutes

ScienceScope Ltd is a tier 1 partner in the BBC micro:bit development program. This novel coding device will be delivered to every 11 year old students in the UK in the next month. It features sensors, Bluetooth Smart and a 5x5 matrix led display. This development will be a game changer in inspiring students to engage with technology.

About David Crellin:

David was educated at Bristol, and Cambridge Universities. In 1982 He joined PA’s, Technology division where he was responsible for managing a number of major electronic product development projects. In 1986 David set up his own business (Abington Partners). Abington originated data-logging software and hardware for schools. The company has won three SMART awards. In 2011 Abington Partners transferred the educational datalogging products business was to a new company. ScienceScope Ltd with David as CEO. The range and extent of the educational datalogging products range has grown to be one of the most innovative and comprehensive available. In 2013 ScienceScope won an £800,000 Technology Strategy Board funded project (DISTANCE) to develop an Internet of School Things (IOST) demonstrator. Partners in the project include Intel, xively and three UK universities, University College London , The Open University and Birmingham. ScienceScope is currently working with the IDA in Singapore to carry out a proof of concept project for the IOST. ScienceScope is also a key partner of the BBC in delivering the micro:bit project. The micro:bit is a nano computer designed to inspire kids to get involved in coding. Every student aged 11 in the UK will get a free micro:bit at the beginning of 2016. David lives with his wife in Bath.

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