Automating Processes ​Using TagUI Tool​ - Ken Soh - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Monday, 26 March 2018

Speaker: Ken Soh, Open-source RPA Evangelist AI Singapore

TagUI is an open-source tool for automating UI interactions. Use cases include process automation data acquisition and testing of web apps. It was built with focus on web-apps but the focus is now expanding to desktop apps as well using visual automation. Eventually people will probably know it as an open-source RPA (robotic process automation) tool. It basically takes in 21 different human languages describing UI interactions and translate them into working JavaScript code to drive automation of sequences of actions (personal or business process workflows). It does not have AI / machine learning capabilities yet. Part of my job scope at AI Singapore is to integrate AI capabilities into the tool and continue releasing it with an open-source license. TagUI Features * automate Chrome Firefox PhantomJS * visual automation of websites and desktop * write in 20+ human languages &amp JavaScript * Chrome extension for recording web actions * unzip and run on macOS Linux Windows * R &amp Python integration for big data / AI * run by schedule command line API URL * advanced API / command calls to services

Track: Web and Mobile
Room: Training room 4-2
Date: Sunday, 25th March, 2018

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