Apache Kafka for the Spring developer - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Sergi Almar (Spring I/O Organizer & Tidy Slice)

Sergi is a software engineer focused on the JVM and Spring ecosystem. He spends half of his time training as a Spring Certified Instructor. He is also the organizer of the Spring I/O conference in Barcelona (+1000 attendees). In his free time, Sergi enjoys travelling and running marathons.

Apache Kafka for the Spring developer

Apache Kafka is a popular choice to implement event-driven architectures and real-time streaming applications. In these presentations, we’ll introduce Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams to build scalable and high-performance applications and we’ll focus on how the Spring ecosystem integrates it to have clean and maintainable code.

We’ll go through several projects in the portfolio like Spring Kafka as a high-level abstraction; Reactor Kafka the reactive API; Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function to implement event-driven microservices. All this having live coding and a sample to put all pieces together.

Event Website: https://voxxeddays.com/singapore/