Activities of BioHubIL, DIYbio community in Israel - HackerspaceSG

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Speaker: Ilya Vainberg Slutskin

Ilya Vainberg Slutskin is a PhD student in Weizmann Institute of Science and co-founder of BioHubIL[1][2][3]. BioHubIL is a non-profit organization aimed at making safe biological experimentation accessible to everyone. To this end, BioHubIL organizes meetups, biology courses, hands on activities and life science outreach events. In the long run, they aim to establish a community lab space to serve biohackers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, students or anyone else interested in DIYbio. In this talk, Ilya will present some of the activities of BioHubIL.


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