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Wantedly Singapore presents “I NEED A BREAK!” meetup event #1, a space where tech enthusiasts from all walks of life gather to chill out, network & forge new connections. Because sometimes, we all just need a break from our lives! (pun intended)

Guest panelists:

Gabriel Lim, Co-founder at Saleswhale
Gabriel is a co-founder and CEO of Y-combinator backed startup, Saleswhale. Previously, he co-founded a boutique software development agency, where he helped other startups and larger companies create platforms and develop projects (think Zalora, Samsung, etc).

Elvin Li, Head of Product at Botbot.AI
Formerly known as "The Social Games Monetization" guy. Elvin co-founded several startups that provides innovative solutions to businesses and consumers. He has 9 years of experience in data mining and user behavioural analysis across industries including gaming, and e-commerce. He is an expert in architecting and designing solutions to dig relevant insights based on data, web, mobile and social technologies.

Alyssa Quek, Senior Software Engineer
A full-stack data-focused software engineer and computer vision dabbler, Alyssa uses a mix of Python and Spark with Scala for data processing and finding anomalies, Golang for concurrency and Javascript for custom visualisations of server data.

Ajey Gore, Group CTO, Go-Jek
With 18 years of experience in building core technology strategy across diverse domains, Ajey is helping GoJek deliver a transport, logistics, lifestyle and payments platform – offering 18 products, owned and operated by GoJek. Ajey’s interests include machine learning, networking and scaling products. Ajey founded CodeIgnition, which was acquired by GoJek, before that Ajey served ThoughtWorks as Head of Technology. Ajey is active influencer in technology community, organises not-for-profit conferences such as RubyConf, GopherCon and DevOpsDays through his not for profit organisation.

Event Page: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/i-need-a-break-presented-by-wantedly-tickets-39831831079

Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Michael Cheng (@coderkungfu)

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Guest Panel Discussion - I NEED A BREAK
Friday, 1 December 2017