TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore

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The group's aim is to enable people to create and deploy their own Deep Learning models built using TensorFlow. We will look at a combination of both beginner and intermediate models to learn key skills - as well as going to the next level with presentations about cutting edge papers and techniques.

Ideally, each event will contain something for every level of experience - without having to explain neural networks 3-times over - and present models and code that you can play around with (this is made easier by adopting TensorFlow as the underlying framework). Essentially, we plan on simplifying Deep Learning into usable skills for the real world.

Last, but not least, we're very proud to have the venue sponsored by TensorFlow's source : Google. Due to Google's venue security, we'll need to collect names in advance. But we don't need any more personal info, since we're not headhunters, nor spammers.

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