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Speaker: Martin Brochhaus

That's right, we will call it what it is: A workshop. Because it will be quite long... :)

Martin is known as the CTO of and and is currently in the process of migrating the entire codebase away from Django REST Framework and towards django-graphene (on the backend) and react-apollo (on the frontend). He will show how you can easily make use of these tools in your own projects right now - no big migration is needed, as you can gradually start using it for new features first and then gradually migrate old features whenever you have time. Martin will show how you can create your GraphQL schema in a test-driven manner, how you can query data from the database, how you can manipulate data using GraphQL Mutations, how you can deal with authentication and authorization and how to do validation of inputs and return form errors in a similar way like Django REST Framework does it. At the end of the workshop, we will leave Django-land and have a look at the frontend and learn how to use the newly built GraphQL API in a ReactJS project with react-apollo. Martin will demonstrate how to run queries and mutations, how to create queries with variables (i.e. IDs from the URL), how to re-fetch queries in case of network disruption and how to create pagination in astoundingly few lines of code.

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