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Speaker: Mikkel Larsen, Managing Director, DBS Bank

This event was organised by Otonomos (http://www.otonomos.com), DBS, Thomson Reuters, and Linklaters.

Produced by Engineers.SG

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Anybody who ever played with Lego knows that the fun is in the building: Few children play with what they built in Lego.

The same goes for founders. I managed to exit my last business just before Lehman collapsed. It took me years to find an idea I knew dead certain I could spend the next decade of my life building.

The idea came to me in summer 2014 whilst spending time in Silicon Valley, where I sensed an early movement to use distributed processing power to let anybody with access to a computer invest, borrow, contribute, shop, manufacture, vote, donate, spend and earn without the need for a central authority.

It was this promise of a decentralised financial infrastructure for the future that prompted me to incorporate Otonomos in early 2015 upon my return to Singapore, and start building a team around the idea who would bring the same passion and dedication to executing it.

Whilst no doubt there will be countless obstacles on our journey, all of us here at Otonomos are carried by this ideal of building what we believe will result in a new vehicle for human ingenuity.

I hope you’ll follow Otonomos on its journey.

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