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Max Pagel ( is a German born, Singapore based computer scientist, maker and performance artist who loves all things wireless and illuminated. His university live focuses on the latest developments in the internet of things, while he performs fire and light shows in his spare time with artist collective Starlight Alchemy.

During his talk Max will give some behind the scenes view into the creation of his latest venture into interactive led installations. Specifically he will talk about his Installation :Helix, which was on display in front of the Singapore Art Museum during The Night festival 2015.

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This group tries to bring people interested in the creative, artistic, beautiful, sometimes crazy side of coding together.

Whether you are a developer, designer, musician, artist or someone just exploring, I hope this meetup is a place for all to share and explore these interests.

Topics include music, art, and interactive media, procedural coding, data visualizations, creative apps, exhibitions. Chances is that if you know any of these terms three.js, WebGL, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Processing, Max MSP, Pure Data, this would be the right place! Our venue sponser is Zopim, who has agreed to host upcoming meetups. Stay tune for events updates!
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