Warpdrive, making Python web application deployment magically easy - PyConSG 2016

Published on: Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Speaker: Graham Dumpleton

Deploying Python web applications is too hard. You either have to understand some arcane configuration syntax, or have to dig through an encyclopaedic volume of options. It shouldn't have to be this hard. In this talk you will see how 'warpdrive', with the right sort of magic, can make Python web application deployment easy.

Ask a beginner to deploy a Python web application and they will often complain it is too hard. Although we have standards for how a Python web application should interface with a web server, the web servers for Python all work differently, with a myriad of options and being difficult to set up properly.

In this talk you will be given a preview of a project called 'warpdrive', a project being developed to simplify the process of deploying a Python web application.

The 'warpdrive' project makes it easy to run your Python web application on your own system, but it can also create a Docker image for your application, providing you with an easy path to deploying it on a Docker service.

How 'warpdrive' works is also compatible with next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings such as the latest OpenShift, which has been reimplemented around Docker and Kubernetes.

Come see how working on and deploying your Python web application could be made so much easier using 'warpdrive'.

Event Page: https://pycon.sg

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