Declarative Networking with Combine - iOS Conf SG 2020

Published on: Thursday, 30 January 2020

Speaker: Ritesh Gupta ,

Combine is a new reactive framework by Apple which provides a declarative Swift API for handling asynchronous tasks. This talk will explore how we can form a declarative networking layer using Combine. We will take advantage of the existing combine operators like DataTaskPublisher, Just, Fail, Catch, etc to define (i.e. validate and parse) success and error streams declaratively.

About the speaker

Ritesh is a Mobile Engineering Manager at Fueled, working remotely from somewhere in India (currently Bangalore). He has been developing iOS applications since 2013 and occasionally delves into Kotlin. He enjoys reactive programming and also writes about it on his personal blog He also had the honor of writing one complete issue (295th) of iOS dev weekly & has given multiple talks in various meetups/conferences. When he is not coding, you can find him exploring street food or food markets.

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