TechLadies Pre-Bootcamp Workshop 1: HTML & CSS

Published on: Sunday, 1 September 2019

Lead Trainer: Sheldon Cheng

Sheldon is a Front-end Developer at NTUC Link. An aspiring designer who stumbled upon the world of front-end development, he finds it a most rewarding discipline as it allows him to combine design-sensibilities with engineering-knowhow, playing on a synergy between two domains that cannot be found in any other role.

A decade and a half later, Sheldon has crafted web interfaces at UX-focused digital agencies, a mature local startup, and enterprise companies undergoing digital transformation. He tries to be good at UX/Design and Javascript at the same time, and now hopes to help guide those treading a similar path. More recently he has worked on scaling his expertise through Design Systems, and been building apps with ReactJS.

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